Saturday, April 18, 2009

Letters re: Benhams

From a letter by W.C. Benham:
"I have a note taken from History of Southwest Vairginia and Washington county, Virginia by Summersi that states that during late 1770 or 80 a Benham boy volunteered to accompany an Indian fighter named Doughlas to cross a mountain to warn residents of Castlewood of Indians. On their way Douglas was killed and scalped but Benham escaped and warned the settlers. This was one of John Benham's (d. 1800) sons" #123

"Peter and his son John, born 1748 went to Loudoun County, Virginia and were there in the revolutionary War. Peter died in 1780 and John was the eldest son and got all his property leaving Peter's second family without anything. Peter's 1st family, by Ann James, went from N.J to Washington Co., Penn then on to Ohio and Kentucky. That is, all except Anna, Elizabeth and Mary. They stayed in Freehold, NJ. Peter's 2nd family went to Ripley Co., Indiana. John's family possibly stayed in Louden Co, VA. " #130

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